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Manila, Philippines, 18 December 1998 -- Migrant "Rights & Roots" campaign & demonstration
at Department of Foreign Affairs, as part of International Migrants' Day celebration.

Welcome to AMC's Homepage!

The purpose of Asian Migrant Centre Online is to provide readily accessible information and resources related to our work with migrants via the internet. To this end we are trying to develop a site that offers both a comprehensive on-line resource center and a user-friendly interface. Please send us feedback on how we can better accomplish this.

What's New If you are a frequent visitor, please check our What's New section to see what has been added since the last time you visited.

* Updated 15 January 1999 -- new opening photo for AMC homepage. We recently got a new scanner so we will update the opening photo each month. January photo shows international participants and children of Filipino migrant workers at a "carolling" and demonstration in front of the Foreign Affairs office (Manila). This is part of our Asia region-wide "Rights and Roots" campaign and conference on migrant reintegration on 16-20 December 1998. The 1998 activities culminated in the region-wide celebration of December 18th as international solidarity day for migrants and their families. NEW icon

* Planned new pages: "Announcements" page for migrant activities, notices, etc.; "Migrant SOS" -- an action alert page containing AMC's and MFA's urgent action appeals for migrant workers.

Resources Reading materials, country reports, data/statistics, statements, video, posters, and other information sources related to our work for migrants. Go to our Resources section to see what is on-line at the moment.

* Updated 15 January 1999 -- Statements from recent conferences attended/organised by AMC and other migrant groups. NEW icon

* Coming in March: photo gallery of migrant actions and activities.

Publications AMC publications including the annual Asian Migrant Yearbook. To learn more, go to the Publications section.

* Updated 15 January 1999 -- new announcement about AMY.

* Coming soon -- News round-up/highlights, regional updates focusing on Asian migrant workers issues.

Activities The Asian Migrant Center has many programs and activities. This includes our Reintegration program and joint campaigns with partner organizations. Go to our Activities section to learn more about them.

* Coming soon -- monthly updates and photos of AMC activities.

Mission To learn more about the Asian Migrant Centre, please go to our Mission section. We hope that it will clarify for you about what exactly we do around here (beside putting up webpages.)

Links Because we are a regional (Asian) non-governmental organization, we network with many local and international NGOs for joint campaigns and other activities. Our Links sections provides information about them and how you can contact them.

Please send any comments or suggestion you have to the website designer at amc@hk.super.net with your comments and ideas.

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