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Placenta has been used as Chinese medicine for over 1,400 years. It is a very valuable medicine with a wide range of benefits. The main benefit is stopping the aging process and improving the figure of the body.

In 1943, a Professor at the Gynecology Research Laboratory of Kyoto University Medical School extracted the active ingredients of placenta. He called it Vita-X.

In South Africa, after suffering from arthritis, famous heart surgeon Dr. Christiaan Neethling Barnard turned to the study of anti-aging substances. He discovered that the life span of animals is proportional to the number of cell divisions. For example, the number of cell divisions in humans is 55 times and the average life span is 70-80 years. The number of cell divisions in sea turtle is 80 times and the average life span is 150 years.

In recent years, many movie stars and models take injections of placenta extracts in Switzerland. The cost is about US$20,000. Eight injections are given in two days. After the injections, body temperature is slightly increased. The patients must rest for two days and must refrain from taking hot showers and exercise. There are some mild side-effects, including red spots on the skin and itch in the ears. The effect is dramatic... suddenly they look much younger than their age. However, they must go back for another series of injections within two years. Otherwise, when the effects of placenta are gone, they will suddenly look old again.

In a study with rats which have a 30% death rate at 12 months, Dr. Barnard found that the death rate of rats which took placenta decreased to 3% at 12 months.

Effects of placenta

Side Effects of Placenta

Injections of placenta extracts may cause a temporary rise in body temperature, red spots on the skin, and itch in the ears.

Oral intake of placenta extract is safe and free from side effects. Chinese doctors have been using placenta for hundreds of years. No side effect has ever been reported.

Who should take Placenta?

Anyone, male or female, adult, children, and babies can take Placenta. It is particularly useful for pregnant woman who cannot take regular drugs for cough, cold, and flu. For mothers who want to breast-feed but cannot produce milk, placenta can stimulate milk production in a matter of hours. Placenta can strengthen the immune system of children as well as adults. Ladies who want good-looking skin and a nice figure for their bodies should try placenta. People who have undergone surgery or suffered major injuries or illnesses can recover quickly by taking placenta.

Who should NOT take Placenta?

Placenta is not suitable for teenagers who are going through puberty. Placenta may speed up their maturity too soon. Teenagers do not need placenta.

Placenta used in formulas

Placenta is best used in formulas. One excellent formula is Reishi & Placenta, which combines the best of the plant and animal kingdoms.

Testimonials from users of Placenta will be included in future updates.

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