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Last updated on: July 5, 1996.

The Business World is Changing

The personal computer has changed the way we work, increasing our efficiency and eliminating the need for several layers of management. The same thing is happening in manufacturing, as automation increases productivity on the assembly line and eliminates a large percentage of jobs.

The key to financial success in these rapidly changing times is to recognize the trends and get ahead of change. So what trends can we identify? The major opportunities of the decade ahead are found in three areas:

Information * Technology * Distribution

Information is power, as Microsoft CEO Bill Gates can tell you. He has become the richest man in America by providing better methods of processing information. Technology also continues to change our world as computers and consumer electronics do more of our work and claim more of our leisure hours.

Finally, here's what Faith Popcorn, one of the world's most respected and accurate trend forecasters, says about distribution:

"Marketers and retailers must shift the focus away from traditional means of access to the consumer. Don't expect consumers to come to you anymore. You'll have to reach them in the cocoon itself.

"The means of distribution will be the next consumer-oriented revolution. Direct shopping from the producer to you---bypassing the retailer altogether, no middle-men, no stops along the way."
---The Popcorn Report

It's Time to Make a Difference!


Quorum International is an innovative marketer of state-of-the-art consumer electronics, communications, skin care, health, entertainment, and self-improvement products. It is an American Company formed in June of 1991 with an investment of US$40,000,000 from Applied International Holdings, Ltd., a Hong Kong public company which is one of the top Original Equipment Manufacturers in the world. Asia, Inc. magazine recently reported that Applied "has the distinction of appearing on all three Growth 88 lists. Its rise has been propelled by Quorum International Inc., a U.S.-based subsidiary it founded in 1991, which accounts for 80 percent of its sales." In July 1995, Applied acquired RJP International Ltd., another public company in Hong Kong and a major manufacturer of pagers, databanks, and other electronic products. Quorum is currently operating in 14 countries in Asia, Europe, and N. America, and is planning to open more branch offices in Asia and Europe.


Quorum's innovative products are technology-oriented and unique. They are developed in response to consumer demand by Quorum's research and development teams in U.S.A., Hong Kong, and Israel. There are eight product lines:

Quorum is committed to launching at least one new product per month!

In addition to Quorum's own product lines, there are three mail order catalogs:

Product in these catalogs are manufactured by well-known brands like Casio, MCI, Rowenta, Sanyo, Sharp, Texas Instruments, etc., at guaranteed lowest prices!

Click on the hyperlink HERE to see detailed descriptions and pictures of Quorum products.


Quorum Metro Information Network
Metro is a private global on-line service which offers what electronic mail and public on-line service can't -- the flexibility to set up your own topics, specify the participants, and send messages and files anywhere in the world without installing and managing a network. Metro provides Internet email access as well as the privacy of your own group discussions on a global basis, 24-hours a day.

To order Metro, call +1-(800)758-7737 or fax +1-(415)380-0505

The following products and services are available only in the U.S.A.:

Phone Card
For more information, call +1-(310)208-1000

Quorum/MCI Long-Distance Program
Off-peak (5 PM to 8 AM): 10.9 cents per minute
Peak (8 AM to 5 PM): 15.9 cents per minute
To order this program in the U.S.A., call +1-(800)382-8083


The Quorum International Compensation Plan is easy to understand. Just about anybody with a strong desire to succeed and a willingness to work hard can achieve financial independence in 2-3 years by doing 3 simple tasks:

1. Selling about US$100 of products per month, selected from Quorum's wide variety of unique products.

2. Finding and sponsoring 5 active distributors in 3-6 months.

3. Training the 5 distributors to duplicate these 3 tasks.


At Quorum, you get systematic training and support, most of them are free. We work with you as a team to build a world-wide sales organization. Here are the many programs offered:

Training Events


Quorum provides the following support to Distributors:

 U.S.A.: +1-(512)505-6827 (directory and all documents)
         +1-(512)505-6808 (updates only)
   U.K.: +44-(1374)-506-1000
Germany: +49-(180)-531-3638

NETWORK MARKETING (Multilevel Marketing)

Quorum is a Network Marketing company. Network Marketing is about people helping people. It is a distribution revolution. Success Magazine calls network marketing "the most powerful way to reach consumers in the 90s." The recent preview Issue of "Working At Home", from the editors of Success Magazine highlights "24 Wealthy Entrepreneurs tell you how" to get rich at home. Guess what industry all 24 of em are in? Thats right, Network Marketing. Wall Street Journal reported on June 23, 1995 that "In a sign of mainstream acceptance, multilevel marketing is getting attention from business schools. Last year, Charles King, a professor of marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago, started a not-for-credit seminar on the subject. The university's business school says it is considering a regular course."


- November 24, 1997

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To order products, enroll as a Quorum Distributor, or get answers to any questions, send email to me.

My email address is:

Independent Quorum Distributor # 006212852
Distributor Name: NG POON KEE GILBERT
Upline Diamond Executive: Martin Speight


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